Boulders ‘from Outer Space’

Volax (or ‘Volakas’) is a small, picturesque village in Tinos island, which belongs to the Cyclades island group in Greece. It’s situated in the middle of a surreal landscape, full of gigantic granite rocks, round and smooth-surfaced.

The above photos were taken not far from this village, in an aera of 25 square kilometres covered by these strange boulders, which feature in many local legends. According to these legends, nightly visitors may experience a strange energy and unusual vibrations accompanied by unfamiliar sounds. They also claim that the instruments of overflying aircrafts become unreliable.

Scientists have not yet come to a definitive conclusion about these rocks. Two theories prevail. Some scientists believe that the boulders are remnants of meteorites, while others claim that some million years ago this place was at the bottom of the sea, with the erosive forces of the sea water leading to the peculiar shape and texture.