Photos by country

Bhutan - Rob Putseys Photography


            A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit this isolated kingdom in the Himalayas. I was very curious to see the untouched landscape with its high mountain ranges and valleys with rice terraces and scattered houses. ‘Harmonious’ was the word that came to mind when I saw […]

India - Rob Putseys Photography


On my first ‘real’ visit to India in December 2013 I limited myself and my photographs to two states of this very big country: the relatively ‘rich’ Kerala in the Southwest, and the traditional and poor Odisha in the Northeast. I ended my trip in Mumbai, India’s most populous city, wandering around for the best […]

Mozambique - Rob Putseys Photography


      For many of us, Mozambique is a rather obscure country in Southeastern Africa. Before I visited it in 2009, I knew it had been a Portuguese colony with a Portuguese speaking population. Then, after a struggle for independence, a long lasting civil war followed and the country slipped back into a less […]

Myanmar - Rob Putseys Photography


                In Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, it’s hard to find people to take photographs of that aren’t smiling. Nearly every Myanmarese citizen starts smiling friendly as soon as he sees a foreigner. The first time I travelled through this wonderful country, I noticed that after some days […]